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Rules of multi-catalog

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} What multi-catalog is

Multi-catalog is a trade site, providing to different Companies and private persons services to accommodate both separate commodities and commodities` catalogues in one system.

} Sides responsibilities

All commercial relationships between the owner of commodity of cervices and the customer are contained in the zone of its personal pesponsibility.With the exception of purchases of commodities of cervices pertained to multi-catalog

} No to forbidden merchandises

Forbidden commodities (such as narcotics, guns, psychotropic and explosive stuff etc.) are not allowed. In case of revealing such events information will be transferred to according institutions

} Merchandises supply

placing any commodity of cervices on the Site of multi-catalog the company obliged to specify the terms of settlement and thoroughly obey their specified terms. Multy-catalog does not dictate to the companies the terms of activity.


Any Company or an author, placed a product   in the multi-cataloge are fully responsible for the terms of delivery to a client as well for all issues regarding licences and levy  to the State.

Tel.: +370 630 78166

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